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How To Tell If Your Skin Is Purging Or Breaking Out

Written by: Laura Leiva     Updated by:  Thea Christie,

When you’re trying to care for your skin with a proper new routine, the last thing you want to see after a week or two is a worsening complexion with breakouts. Whether you’re using more active ingredients or staying diligent with a cleansing routine, you might be wondering what on earth is causing the increase of pimples, noticeably clogged pores or even patchy dryness. Key questions to consider: are these new skin care products the source of your issues? Are they causing a temporary purge or a permanent reaction? How can you tell if your skin is purging or breaking out? Click HERE to find out!

How To Choose Botanical Herbs For Your Skin

Many herbs, spices and plant extracts hold therapeutic benefits for your skin. Since our inception in 1958, we’ve focused on formulas that use hand-picked herbs and fresh ingredients that have potent healing and beautifying properties. Most notably our Beyond Organic Collection contains many precious herbs and skin-nourishing ingredients beneficial for every skin type. You may be surprised by the incredible benefits and high potency of Biodynamic® ingredients, and how little skin care product you need to use. Click HERE learn how botanical herbs benefit your skin.


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