Skin Care

Microgreens Detox Glow Facial

45 min. – $55

Environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your health and your skin. To help, the Microgreens Detox Collection, designed to combat the aging effects of free radical exposure and repair skin while helping shield it from further damage.  By harnessing the potent antioxidants found in microgreens, and formulated with Detoxophane – an active derived from Swiss cress sprouts that cleans and protects skin at the cellular level, to help counter the effects of pollution.


  • Detoxifying Microgreens Complex – derived naturally from potent microgreens with Detoxophane
  • Protection from oxidative damage and the visible signs of aging
  • Enhanced resistance against pollution and sun radiation
  • Suitable for all skin types

Beyond Organic Biodynamic Facial

60 min. $80

Experience the hypo-allergenic facial treatments specially designed for sensitive skins. A calming, redness reducing, and soothing treatment featuring organic and biodynamic ingredients, healing elements like Echinacea, bearberry and hawthorn will treat your skin to the gentle restorative benefits that only Eminence Organics can deliver.

Add a LED light therapy treatment for only $2 a min.

Arctic Berry Vitamin Infused Peptide Facial

60 min. – $82          ~          Series of 4 – $325  (FREE Arctic Berry Peptide take home kit with purchase of series a $130 value)

The innovative 3-step peel  and peptide system and the  Vitamins C+E collection unite for supreme results.  This facial awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil, hibiscus seed extract, Vitamin E and leafy greens such as kale and spinach.  ActiWhite™, derived from sweet pea extract, lightens the appearance of the skin, while gardenia stem cell technology improves elasticity and skin tone for a younger-looking appearance.  LED Light Therapy included.

CitrusKaleCollectionKEY FEATURES of Potent C+E and Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide System:

  • non-irritating Vitamin C
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase collagen production
  • Healing and repairing
  • Improved skin tone and elasticity.


Ooh La La Dolce Speranza Facial

90 min. – $95

OuiStock_000007708113Medium-600x398r signature and most luxurious facial incorporates customized Éminence Organics products for your specific skin care needs. This facial Includes the New Advanced LED treatment, a specialized skin “Booster”, Both Eye Refining and Lip Plumping Treatments, and a Paprika and AHA fruit pulp treatment.  A consultation and skin analysis will determine what products are best suited for your specific skin care needs.  This is all topped off with a specialized Hungarian massage for face, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.  This facial will leave you Ooh La La, refreshed, relaxed and refined! LED Light Therapy included.

Target Tailored Treatments

45 min. – $60          ~          Series of 6 – $299   (In the series of 6 treatments you pay for 5 and get 6th one free!)

Yam & Pumpkin Pigmentation Correcting Facial: Many of us suffer from hyperpigmentation; Bright Skin offers radiant results while stimulating collagen production, as Gigawhite™, suppresses melanocyte activity. We combine the Bright Skin with an enzyme peel which accelerate the exfoliation process to peel away dead skin cells, reducing skin discolouration, fine lines and sun damage. LED Light Therapy included.            

Clear Skin Treatment: This intense stimulating and oxygenating treatment uses a specialized Hungarian Herbal mud and Hungarian Clay, to oxygenate and draw out impurities while intensely healing the skin. Paired with the Blue and Red LED Light therapy and as specialized Willow Bark Anti-Blemish Booster, your skin will be left clarified and refined.  LED Light Therapy included.

Berry and Bamboo Skin Firming Treatment:  A naturally exfoliating peel deeply cleanses the pores and tones the look of the skin. The combination of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry juices along with pineapple extract is high in vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and refresh your skin.  The skin is then treated with the LED Red collagen busting light, followed by a Bamboo firming age repairing masque that uses the most powerful anti-aging technology in natural and organic skin care. LED Light Therapy included.  

Best results from a series of 6 Treatments.
(In the series of 6 treatments you pay for 5 and get one free!)

Eye or Lip Treatment

Add to any facial – $101235082974_pro[1]

Both these treatments start with a gentle exfoliation, soothing massage, followed by a masque to help reduce fine lines and wrinkle depth.  (both included in the Ooh La La Facial)

Eminence LED Light Therapy

$2 a min. add the LED to any facial (Target Treatment facial, Facial: Artic Berry Peptide Peel and Ooh La La Facial includes LED)

The Éminence LED Light Therapy treatment is a safe, effective use of advanced LED light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots by promoting collagen firmness.

Dermascope-June-09(2)[1]Clinically tested and designed by dermatologists as a cosmetic system for salons, spas, and physicians, the treatment keeps the skin conditioned by using photo pulsation to exercise and firm the skin’s collagen. Skin will naturally appear smoother, tighter, and more radiant.

Red Light used for:
•Diminish appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots.
•Help tighten the skin.
•Promotes collagen Regeneration.
•Reduces acne scarring.
•Aids with rosacea.
•Helps tighten unsightly pores.
•Reduces hyper-pigmented spots

Blue Light used for:
•The only light currently approved by the FDA for acne.
•Destroys bacteria found in acne on skin.
•Prevents bacteria from forming.

(Average 7 – 8 min for face, 10 – 12 min for face, neck and décolleté)


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