All of the products at Dolce Speranza spa that we use and carry are of the highest quality, made from organic or natural ingredients. We take great care in providing quality products to ensure quality services.

We are proud to offer Éminence Organic Skin Care as our main skin care and body line. Éminence contains the highest possible levels of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, hand-selected to guarantee their highest quality.



The Éminence Philosophy…

is to provide premium products and unparalleled service to leading salons, spas and beauty professionals. Our products are not mass produced and do not contain artificial coloring or fragrances. Our ingredients are hand picked and hand harvested to ensure premium quality. Every ounce of Éminence products receives personal attention to produce and package.

Other Products we carry:

  • Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics
  • China Glaze Nail lacquer
  • Orly Nail Lacquer
  • Orly FX, IBD, Artistic Gel Polishes
  • Gehwol Foot Care



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